Keyboard (delete/backspace, insert...) at at
Fri Aug 7 19:54:08 CEST 2009


I have tried to find the following in the default keyboard in Om2009 
unstable Illume touchscreen keyboard - at least:
* delete/backspace
* insert without inserted space at the end of the insertion point

I have tried to use it to change paths in e.g. Navit - but the 
inserted spaces is a real nuisance.


Is there some keyboard "hidden" settings, that can make the 
touchscreen keyboard useful for non-SMS style?

On this page all the keys are present:

On mine I can (and always have) only seen a-z, "?", ".", "'"



QWO keyboard have the same fewer keys?


In an earlier distribution I had:

Also for SMS style only...


Is it possible to make the Navit keyboard less wide so all characters 
can be seen and easier used?

Or can the keyboard be changed to a better one?


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