Freerunner audio channels

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Sat Aug 8 13:05:38 CEST 2009

David Fokkema <dfokkema at> writes:
> The fact that Freerunners differ in audio quality and settings has been
> stated on this list and on support. And going by the last paragraph,
> this is true.
> So, _why_ are Freerunners different?

One of the problems is that some freerunner revisions are in fact
different in hardware. Most devices have 1uF capacitors instead of
R3004/R3005 (which should be 0R), and that's not a joke. That is
earpiece path and not surprisingly that devices that have those
capacitors have considerably lower sound volume from the earpiece.

Unfortunately, there's no way to find out which devices are affected
by this bug judging only by revision and serial number as BOMs were
lost due to an incorrect file format conversion, one needs to actually
try and see for himself.

AFAICT A7s are affected while at least some A6s (mine e.g.) not.

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