Intone 0.63 release

c_c cchandel at
Sun Aug 9 09:45:40 CEST 2009

  Well, having some tjime over the last week - I've made some additions and

* new lyrics view added.
  To use: - eg song name test_the_lyrics.mp3
             - add a txt file with the lyrics of the song
             - name the file test_the_lyrics.txt 
             - copy file to same directory as the song
* fixed some random play randomness ;-)
* pauses on outgoing call and resumes after call is released
* re-factored the code somewhat

  Help needed
* can someone write a (terminal?) script that reads the directory contents
(recursively) and gets the album art / lyrics from Their API
is not supported anymore though!
* better icon for the lyrics view

  Points for Discussion / Feedback
* Should I let the switch views be a 3 way toggle or should I provide a
* How do I add a search for song function
  - Under the Songs Menu
  - add a search popup linked to some button (where?)
  - any other ideas?
* does anyone's A2DP headset support showing song info? what methods does it
support under or.bluez?

As always feedback is more than welcome. intone_0.63_arm.ipk 
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