Re: [QtMoko] new images v6

Bartłomiej Zimoń uzi18 at
Mon Aug 10 12:56:20 CEST 2009

Dnia 4 sierpnia 2009 18:54 Radek Polak <psonek2 at> napisał(a):

> Hi,
> i have just uploaded new QtMoko debian images. You can download as
> usually from
> MD5 sums:
> 55cae339a3bbd714cc98f8d057b82014  qtmoko-debian-v6.jffs2
> d49dcd64f34e0675874a4bd4f73af79c  qtmoko-debian-v6.tar.gz
> f64f5ff2e7dad0202e7cb69d263d006d  uImage-v6.bin
> Changes from previous version:
> * wifi should work
> * alarm should work (only first alarm after boot, second probably wont
> ring)
> * greatly improved boot speed (can be even more sped up if you replace
> bash with dash)
> * fixed blinking cursor after app in QX ended up
> * SSH and other services are starting after Qtopia is up (so you have to
> wait some time before you can ssh to neo)
> I hope that no regression crept in and i'd recommend this version.
> There are still problems with long SMS and contacts import. It will take
> some time because my holidays end up today and i will be probably busy
> for some time.
> Anyway, enjoy images


some points:
- what about bluetooth?
- what about fso based images? - more fast than debian based.
- any TODO or something, maybe could find some free time for QtMoko so where to feedback?

Best regards
Bartlomiej Zimon

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