Screen in FR goes black and white after resume from suspend

Vikas Saurabh vikas.saurabh at
Mon Aug 10 13:00:28 CEST 2009

> The screen in my FR goes B/W with weird lines after it resumes from
> suspend.Got to know it is WSOD bug (or sometimes resumes in grey scale mode)
> .Well temporarily I can change the FR not to suspend but I have to do so
> after every reboot.Any solutions?
Hi Ranjan,

What you mention here doesn't seem like the WSOD bug (may be I am
wrong I have never faced WSOD)...I think you are refering
to this->

As you might see from the mail that its a kernel specific issue and
every distribution uses different kernels (by defualt). Which is why
it is necessary to know which distribution are you using. On this
mailing list we have a convention to prepend the subject link with
[<distribution>] so that:
* Uninterested audience don't jump it
* You provide a vital piece of information automatically
Of course there can be issues which are not distribution
specific...but I think even then its safe to put your distribution in
the subject line.

I had been facing this problem when I was on SHR-Testing long time
back. Haven't seen this since I switched to SHR-Unstable (which, btw,
isn't as unstable as its name suggests :). I think even Debian would
be on newer kernel. I have no idea about OM2009

PS: Of course most of my mail is irrelevant if you are actually facing
the WSOD...yet knowing the distribution is useful

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