Re: fixing bug #1024 successful reports?

Bartłomiej Zimoń uzi18 at
Mon Aug 10 13:01:09 CEST 2009

Dnia 10 sierpnia 2009 12:53 Bernd Prünster <bernd.pruenster at> napisał(a):

> Paul Fertser schrieb:
> > Bernd Prünster <bernd.pruenster at> writes:
> >
> >   
> >> i treid to remove the can from the modem, but there is this other small 
> >> pbc ontop of it that seems to be glued and connected to the mainboard 
> >> through a connector plug.
> >> my question: how to remove the can without damagin anything? (there is 
> >> this metal mesh which is glued on aswell , but that wont be a problem)
> >>     
> >
> > Simply slowly pull the wlan board, it unglues easily. Be careful
> > dismounting the can, better spend more time on it. Just pull it a bit
> > with a pin-pointed knife in every reasonable place, eventually it will
> > come off.
> >
> > Good luck!
> >
> >   
> I DID IT!!! without smd capacitor
> disassembling until the modem circuit si uncovered is a real bitch! took 
> ma over an hour to get the can off!
> the good part: you dont need an smd capacitor!!!
> you need a capacitor which is small enough to fit in the gsm antenna and 
> some of these lacquer wires (which are used in unductor coils)
> solder a wire to c1009 (+) the lacquer wire easyli fits through the can 
> even when colosed, colder it to the capacitor (+) solder another wire to 
> gnd of the capacitor
> solder this wire anywhere where you can find gnd (i used the drilled 
> holes at teh edge od teh mainboard)
> place the capacitor in teh gsm antenna, close everything and you are 
> done, no smd capacitor needed, no smd soldering station needed.
> it works!!!
> standbytime now is 100 hours which means for me 2 and a half day of 
> typically phone usage total uptime till i need to charge.

Good job!

I just want to ask You about some nice photos of this wire/fix :>

Best regards
Bartlomiej Zimon

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