fixing bug #1024 successful reports?

Bernd Prünster bernd.pruenster at
Mon Aug 10 14:39:15 CEST 2009

> Hi,
> We (french FR comunity) are trying to solve the #1024 bug. I put a 
> 10uF SMD cap inside my GSM can, and I saw an increased battery life. 
> your way to solve it is not as clear as I understand it.
> Correct me if i'm wrong : you only soldered the (+) of the c1009 cap 
> to the GND ?  or other way my english tell me you did : on wire on the 
> (+)  of the cap, on on the (-), and the two wires on the GND of the 
> phone ?
> By advance thanks a lot.
> Thomas
maybe i screwd the description up

i attatched a pic describing how i did it.
basically solder a lacquer wire to c1009's (+) wich you will fit through 
the shielding can so you can add another c in parallel which can be any 
kind of tht electrolyte capacitor small enought to fit in the gsm 
antenna. ofcourse this c also needs to be connected to gnd, so take 
another peice of lacquer wire to connect the other capacitors (-) to gnd.

hope it helps (pics will be postet within the next days)


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