The "trivial" #1024 GSM fix

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Tue Aug 11 00:22:12 CEST 2009

Mikhail Umorin <mikeumo at> writes:
>> > But I think you should still not assume that every Neo owner has
>> > access to the #1024 GSM fix necessary for the 140 hour standby time.
>> Should i also refrain from assuming every Neo owner has access to some
>> *nix box? Or to ssh client? This might make sense _if_ Neo wasn't a
>> geek/hacker/developer device. But it is so its users are supposed to
>> be able to solve small riddles along their ways to freedom.
> Paul, I think you are missing the risk part of it: if I screw up in software I 
> can just reflash the device if I break a tiny piece of hardware -- my $400 fr 
> is gone.

I'm somehow certain that's a wrong assumption. Unless you do something
really cruel you're not likely to foobar the whole device. Also even
some fatal mistake will cost you less than $400 because the prices
really dropped lately.

> Software and hardware are two totally different animals and being a geek in 
> one does not imply being a geek in the other.

Being a geek is a way of life, that's how i see it.

> I don't feel comfortable with any hw work exactly because of the risks 
> involved. So, I would like some else fix this hw bug, but not just a guy 
> around the corner -- I want a high degree of certainty that I shall get back a 
> working device.

Well, i had a talk with cell phone repair guy today. Showed him my FR
with front case dismounted so he could see how much work is involved
in doing the buzz-fix. He said the work itself is very-very easy and
he'd charge $30 or probably $15 if he liked the client.

Probably you just can't imagine what cell phone repair guys usually
do, comparing to that buzzfixing is really easy.

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