Qi installed properly?

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Tue Aug 11 17:16:49 CEST 2009

> I've created the partition using using fdisk (primary partition and  
> flagged as bootable) and mkfs.ext2.

meaning the only partition on that sd card?

> After inserting the card in my FR, he still boots from NAND instead of  
> the SD card. Understanding the Qi bootsequence the FR is first trying to  
> boot from the SD card. But for some reason it is not or it is failing  
> and skips to the NAND part.

there are some feedbacks (flashing led and vibration iirc), signifying the  
result of the checked partition (boot or skip).
when booted from flash, can you access the sd card? maybe it is not  
detected properly?

> Could this be a permission issue on the SD card (ie not able to mount or  
> read files)?

no idea. but i don't think so.
btw: with
sudo su -
you can get a root shell in ubuntu which removes the need to prepend  
everything with sudo and would have saved you from chmod.

- i am not quite sure how much information qi would print at all, but  
maybe you should increase the loglevel?
- if available you should compare the md5sum of the archive or download it  
again with another tool (wget) and compare both.
- you could in /boot remove the link
and instead _copy_
(yes, i know, symlinks are supported according to the wiki).

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