Keyboard (delete/backspace, insert...)

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Tue Aug 11 17:33:39 CEST 2009

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> At 20:00 +0200 07/08/09, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak wrote:
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>>Sorry, but that mail made me feel depressed :/
>>Click on everything possible on keyboard, say "oh my god, i was
>>blind!" and select Terminal keyboard....
>>Sebastian Krzyszkowiak
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> Sorry, I am accustomed to use Apple MacOS.
sorry ,but backspace is only as simple as sliding the thumb from right to left.
oh, sorry too, there is also a patent by apple itself talking about
something similar i can remember... ;)
and sorry -just to poini it out, i use gnu/linux AND also osx- but
there is someting to learn, wow, is it too difficult?
even in osx there are a lot of keyb shortcuts never mentioned
anywhere... or in any case you have to search for them ;P

you don't wanna learn anything? go buy a lowcost motorola for 35$, the
one with the big buttons, so you don't have anything to learn of

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