PodCat version 0.2

Christian Reitwießner christian at reitwiessner.de
Tue Aug 11 23:07:34 CEST 2009

Dear community,

mainly for my personal needs I have written a podcast player called
PodCat that tries to achieve the following goals:

I have an external program that automatically downloads new podcasts to
a specific directory but does not delete them (how would it know if I
have listened to them?). Using PodCat I can listen to them and I can
delete them afterwards using PodCat. Furthermore, I can switch headset
and speaker audio profiles from within the player. I can also access any
directory on my device and listen to audio files there and they are
listen not by their filenames but my their ID3 tag content. Everything
can be done on one screen without menus.

If you like that idea, please try PodCat:


Kind regards,

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