Evopedia 0.2.1

Christian Reitwießner christian at reitwiessner.de
Wed Aug 12 11:25:09 CEST 2009

Vincent MEURISSE schrieb:
> On Wednesday 12 August 2009 10:09:51 am Christian Reitwießner wrote:
>> So the bottom line is: I don't know if the size can be reduced
>> significantly. For Evopedia 2.0 I do the dumps myself (mainly because
>> those on static.wikipedia.org are more than a year old), but it takes
>> really long
> Why not use dump DB from <http://download.wikimedia.org/backup-index.html> ?
> The last dump for  English version is 5GB but you will probably need to add an 
> index to have the file usable.

Sure, I have thought about that. But then the pages need to be rendered
on the Freerunner. It would be great if we could have some small
standalone Mediawiki renderer. I have had a look at mwlib [1], but it
needs some additional libraries and it's not really clear which parts of
mwlib are needed. If someone could compile mwlib for the Freerunner I
would be really happy.

[1] http://code.pediapress.com/wiki/wiki/mwlib

Kind regards,

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