latest update fsousaged crash!!

Vikas Saurabh vikas.saurabh at
Wed Aug 12 11:47:00 CEST 2009

> Do what I did - re-install on the second partition and copy /home/root
> over to it...

I did exactly that and had a working version by flashing the image
from Aug8. But then I wanted my old apps as well so I went ahead with
opkg update (instinctively) followed by opkg upgrade. That ruined it
:( yet again.

BTW, libfsoframework and ousaged are not git367 one
$ opkg list_installed | grep -e libfsoframework0 -e fsousaged
fsousaged - -
libfsoframework0 - -

In fact IIRC, I didn't these two installing during upgrade anyways (I
can't be sure though). Was this expected...Am I not supposed to
upgrade even on the latest image???


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