is wifi-driver developed anymore?

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Wed Aug 12 22:12:53 CEST 2009

Vinzenz Hersche <hersche at> writes:
> ok, them may we should write all mails, or better real letters to atheros.. 
> they made the chip, so they should fix these fucking things. if they sell 
> something, they have to make it working!

Well, imagine they sold about 20k modules to OM. Do you think they
care about it?.. I wished they did.

You might not know about it but Werner's already contacted them and
they even confirmed some firmware bugs. No action from their side
followed and unlikely to follow. Probably if you have some inside
contacts it can work out but otherwise i can't see any chances.

> 2.6.29 kernel workaround
> On OM 2.6.29 kernels wifi is broken, software putting down the interface (e.g. 
> wpa supplicant in some cases) will break ar6000 module. A workaround has to be 
> implemented and activable in the configuration file.

It's not yet fixed but i hope it'll be fixed soon. The workaround is
to use the method described at FSO_Resources wiki page, then the bug
doesn't surface.

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