Document with answers to most popular battery-related questions is ready

Adam Wang cl.adamwang at
Thu Aug 13 06:50:58 CEST 2009

>    To me: The clearly most useful part of the bq27000 is the current
> measurement. You get what seems to be a reasonably accurate measure of the
> current flow to/from the battery updated every 25 s or so. It's much more
> practical than an external ammeter: No need to open the case and fiddle with
> probes, you can measure battery current while in the train, at work or
> wherever. Having it built in makes accurate current measurement available to
> many more people in a lot more places.
>    Here's a few examples where the current measurements have proven useful:
> 1) Tracking down that current leak from the serial ports into the Calypso.
> 2) Finding that 8 mA apmd current leak Debian used to have.
> 3) Confirming the server screen blanker current leak of 38 mA.
> 4) Measuring the effectiveness of reducing CPU clock and core voltage.
It's an good easy way proposed, it would be probably get the related 
current leak to spyware.
But I just wondering that is there anyone who really did a whole current 
measurement about
battery's consumption; not only indicators are partly in percentage. Any 
exact plot of current
curve have illustrated by CC/CV mode [1]? then compared to battery's 
specification to check?
I am searching that is there an existing linux software that it can 
remote DMM measure to do
real current/voltage measure. Hope someone knows.


>    Hopefully it will also help to curb assorted forms of spyware because
> they will be easier to detect with the power consumption figures readily
> available.

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