PISI 0.4 released

Michael Pilgermann KichKasch at gmx.de
Thu Aug 13 09:39:20 CEST 2009

Hi Edder,

thx for your feedback regarding new features for PISI. I think, they are all really interesing suggestions ... please see my comments below.

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> Hi,
> I installed the latest version (0.4.4)  and have a couple of questions:
> 1) Are there any plans to support google tasks? It is a "widget"
> within gmail and would be nice if that one could be synced to for
> example tasks or e-tasks.
I have not yet planned to integrate tasks support in PISI - however, the modular approach would easily allow for that. For myself, this is not really a high priority thing - but, if more people are requesting that feature, I would be fine with supporting it (for the beginning, I filed a feature request on the projects page). 

> 2) Long contact names. I have quite a few contacts with long names and
> at the moment syncing (with google contacts) causes problems, because
> it doesn't recognise that my phone contact "Bla der BladiBla*" ==
> googlecontact "Bla der BladiBladder". Ofcourse this shouldn't be a
> problem anymore when opimd is the default, so I'd understand if this
> is low priority.
I know ... I am having the same problems. I thought about a fix of having some temporary mapping file somewhere in the file system, which can do the translation between full names and shortened names. 
But then I had in mind this opimd thing as well - which will overcome all these problems. It is again a think of proirities - pretty much depends on the timeline of opimd - as I count the time we have to wait for opimd dialer in days and weeks (rather than in months) I am not too motivated to spend too much time on that issue.

> 3) Are you planning to solve the problem with e-calendar-factory
> needing a restart? The existence of this background process suggests
> (to me) that "proper" updates to the calendar should go through that
> process. Do you know if that is true? And would that solve the restart
> issue?
I have never looked deeply into this backend process - but sure, you are right about 'doing it the proper way'. The nice thing about the current solution is, that I could simply use our existing ICalendar support - by applying one additional configuration section we had DATES support.

What do you think about this: Fow short term solution, I could add a flag in the configuration file, where the user can configure whether to restart the backend process automatically after sync. That wouldn't be too much efforts - and it would do the job (not nice, but it would do the job) ...

One last thing - when talking about so many things, which are not of high priority for me - let me at least mention, what are the next steps in my eyes - I would really appreciate a discussion on that.

* There is a couple of bugs I really have to address soon.
* The next feature I am aiming for is SyncML supporrt - this is the 'standard' used in propriety mobiles - and (with some plugins) allows for synchronization with desktop applicatins (e.g. http://www.topologilinux.com/syncml/index.php?menu=1 or funambol) 


> Cheers, Edwin
> On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 6:58 PM, Michael Pilgermann<kichkasch at gmx.de>
> wrote:
> > We just released PISI 0.4.
> >
> > The major enhancement this time is opimd support for contacts.
> >
> > Supported Contacts data sources:
> > - SIM via DBUS (e.g. SHR)
> > - QTopia address book (e.g. OM 2008.12)
> > - LDAP (read only)
> > - VCF files (local / webdav)
> > - Google contacts
> > - OPIMD
> >
> > Supported Calendar data sources:
> > - Google calendars
> > - ICalendar files (local / webdav)
> >
> > Get your copy here:
> > http://www.opkg.org/package_191.html
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