is wifi-driver developed anymore?

arne anka openmoko at
Thu Aug 13 11:15:31 CEST 2009

>> i don't see what fso not being a distribution anymore has to do with it.
>> - fsoraw makes use of fso functionality to handly wifi.
> Not only wifi but any fso "resource"

of course, but we're speaking of wifi here.

>> - the fso way of retrieving the resource is discouraged
> Hm, no? fsoraw does exactly that: manages access to resources the fso
> way.

it's not that i know all these fso dbus commands by heart, but

mdbus -s org.freesmartphone.ousaged /org/freesmartphone/Usage  
org.freesmartphone.Usage.SetResourcePolicy WiFi enabled

which you called "in this particular case harmful", looks pretty much like  
the fso way to me. am i wrong?

>> looks to me pretty much like fso should do something about that (imho  
>> the
>> need for fsoraw shows a lack of functionality in fso anyway, but that's
>> another matter).
> I can't see how you came to this (imho wrong) conclusion.

why is simply requesting the resource like openmoko-panel-plugin does,  
sufficient? which is the rationale for fsoraw here?
why using fsoraw, why isn't fso sufficient?

>> another question: how good and reliable does that work when doing it
>> repeatedly? and how does one stop wifi?
>> killing fsoraw would power off wifi again -- how is that different from
>> requesting and releasing the resource the fso way (i use
>> openmoko-panel-plugin and it seems natural to click one icon and choose
>> "enable" or "disable")?
> You just kill fsoraw or wpa_supplicant and the wifi module gets
> unpowered and the driver unloaded. This works automatically and every
> time.

how is that different from plain fso?
i recently tried
- enable via openmoko-panel-plugin (opp)
- run wpa_supplicant
- got associated to my ap
the something went wrong, so i disabled via opp and re-enabled, but no  
good -- wpa_supplicant did not get any association and disabling wifi  
again and attempting to unload ar6000 the console just got stuck.

since opp uses the official fso way to enable/disable resources and i  
still got those issues, apparently fsoraw does something different.
when the way fsoraw does things, is ok with fso and furthermore, at least  
for wifi, is the only sane way to get wifi working, it _should_ be done in  
fso itself, since it apparently signifies a shortcoming in fso.

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