is wifi-driver developed anymore?

arne anka openmoko at
Thu Aug 13 12:07:54 CEST 2009

>> well, i am still convinced, fso should do something about that instead  
>> of
>> relying on some 3d party app.
> I think this is really getting OT...

i am not quite sure.
somehow i got the feeling that there a lot of people out there not still  
sure, what to do with wifi, but leaving it nevertheless alone for most of  
the time (as i do with frinst bluetooth) because it is not that crucial.
it is pretty much possible that i am to dense to undertsnad that wiki  
page, but both for statistical reasons and judging my self-esteem i am  
convinced, that i am far from being the only one being confused by that  
wiki page.

so, getting some light in the darkness around wifi, fso, fsoraw is  
probably a good thing ... and if it leads to some questions reaching  
further than just wifi, so be it.

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