PISI 0.4 released

Edder edder at tkwsping.nl
Thu Aug 13 13:19:35 CEST 2009

Hi Michael,

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 9:39 AM, Michael Pilgermann<KichKasch at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi Edder,
>> 1) Are there any plans to support google tasks? It is a "widget"
>> within gmail and would be nice if that one could be synced to for
>> example tasks or e-tasks.
> I have not yet planned to integrate tasks support in PISI - however, the modular approach would easily allow for that. For myself, this is not really a high priority thing - but, if more people are requesting that feature, I would be fine with  supporting it (for the beginning, I filed a feature request on the projects page).

I had a quick look into this (thinking I might implement it myself)
and it seems that at the moment there is no google api for the tasks
available yet, so I guess this feature would have to wait anyway

> But then I had in mind this opimd thing as well - which will overcome all these problems. It is again a think of proirities - pretty much depends on the timeline of opimd - as I count the time we have to wait for opimd dialer in days and weeks (rather than in months) I am not too motivated to spend too much time on that issue.

Let's hope that you are right and that this support will happen in the
coming weeks, but it seems to my impatient eye that support has been
around the corner for some time already :)

> What do you think about this: Fow short term solution, I could add a flag in the configuration file, where the user can configure whether to restart the backend process automatically after sync. That wouldn't be too much efforts - and it would do the job (not nice, but it would do the job) ...

Sounds like an acceptable work around to me.

> * There is a couple of bugs I really have to address soon.

Always important! :)

> * The next feature I am aiming for is SyncML supporrt - this is the 'standard' used in propriety mobiles - and (with some plugins) allows for synchronization with desktop applicatins (e.g. http://www.topologilinux.com/syncml/index.php?menu=1 or funambol)

This would be a great feature to have! Are you planning on using
already existing libraries, or will you need to implement your own?

Cheers, Edwin

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