is wifi-driver developed anymore?

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Thu Aug 13 14:59:13 CEST 2009

"arne anka" <openmoko at> writes:
>> Keeping the module loaded and just request/release it via FSO (I have a  
>> little
>> GUI for this) should be pretty safe?
> according to
> "You just kill fsoraw or wpa_supplicant and the wifi module gets
> unpowered and the driver unloaded. This works automatically and every
> time. That way even if the firmware was crashed it will be reloaded
> without any additional actions from you side. Also by using it the way
> i propose you do not trigger ifconfig up/down bug."
> the module should get unloaded when not used anymore.

Sorry, i wasn't precise enough. In fact the module is not unloaded but
is bound/unbound. The effect is the same, according to Werner.

>> I just have to avoid suspend though.

Are you sure? For me suspend didn't harm wifi usage.

> but when the module is unloaded according to the quote, it should be  
> simply reloaded the next time and thus be reset -- even after  
> suspend/resume?

Essentially when the device is suspended, the wifi module is
unpowered, so every time the device is resumed, the driver is
"restarted" and so is the module.

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