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>>>>> Don't fear... It won't be damaged for only 1minute and in tap Water. 
>>>>> Salted water (sea) can damage it.
>> Yes it can, My FR got dropped into the sea and it's dead. It still turns
>> on an I get a bright-white screen as the WSOD, and the wierd thing, it
>> still gets the charged, but I can't do nothing. I get no 'nor' nor nand.
>> The good part, It happend two months ago and I just got a new one into
>> my office today, I'll picl it up tomorrow and I'll be happy again.
>> A pretty stange thing... Yesterday evening I opened my moko to show to 
>> some moko users the #1024 fix. I closed it, and .... WSOD ! It means : 
>> no nand boot, no nor boot, only white screen but keep charging (red 
>> power button)
>>  I was a bit affraid of loosing my dear moko. I opened it agin, removing 
>> Wifi module and
>> opening the GSM can (doing exactly what I did last night). Then I put 
>> everything together, peacefully (I mean before my morning coffee), 
>> blowing everywhere to remove some dust. (?)
>> Finally, I crossed my fingers, touch a rabbit leg, and pressed the power 
>> button... Ta-da ! It booted again ... No more WSOD, a nice 
>> BlackScreenWithConfusingWhiteText was rolling.
>> If it can help someone.
>> Thomas

Well, it didn't work :( but I'm happy enough with the new one. If anyone
else knows if there's anything I can do with it, please let me know.


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