Repair a dead Freerunner (was: Re: WSOD)

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Thu Aug 13 19:00:27 CEST 2009

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Does Openmoko or any other distribuitor offer a repair service? I mean,
if the mainboard is dead, but the gps, the wifi, the screen and the case
work, it might be cheaper to to get a new mainboard than to buy a new
FR. I can send it anywhere if someone can tell for sure what is damaged,
and offer a spare part to fix it.


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Philippe Lhardy escribió:
>>> Well, it didn't work :( but I'm happy enough with the new one. If anyone
>>> else knows if there's anything I can do with it, please let me know.
>>> Kosa
>>> - - Un mundo mejor es posible -
>> yes :
>> - an ashtray
>> - a mirror
>> - a puck to play ShufflePuck Café with....
>> - ...
> If there is nothing to do to revive it, at lesat each sub piece can be
> used to repair the other one
> if something bad happens to it ...
> I made repaired my openmoko and the new button i have come from a spare one...
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