[hackable1]Suspend and gps

David Wagner deubeuliou at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 00:00:24 CEST 2009


What version of H:1 are you using ?
There should be a button in the menu that you launch by pressing the
Power button for 2 seconds.
If not, it's a known rev4's regression. However, apm -s should still
work fine.

As for the GPS, I don't see what could cause that.

We have a miling-list where you may get more responses:
and a trac: http://trac.hackable1.org/trac , including a bug tracker.


Atilla Filiz a écrit :
> Dear list
> I have a stock Hackable1 install on my 4GB uSD. I couldn't find how to
> suspend my FR. apm -s seems to lock the device, unlockable only by
> removing the battery. Also couldn't get a fix. I turned on my FR,
> launched Tangogps and left it next to my window. After about half an
> hour, satellite info was like 2/0/0.0 . Neovento launched from NAND gets
> a fix in 3-4
>  minutes at the very same location. What are other hackable1 users'
> experiences on these?
> happy hacking
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