GPS NMEA sentences over serial port

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   Please do not refer him to outdated information. The page even has a
warning at the top of it:

	WARNING: Most of this article is only relevant for Om 2008. The gpsd
	has been obsoleted by the ogpsd which offers a DBUS interface. Do
	not run these two daemons side by side. If backward compatibility is
	needed, use ogpsd with fso-gpsd.

   Instead of messing with the serial port, connect to the Neo over TCP/IP
on the standard gpsd port (2947). You will probably have to change how
fso-gpsd is started, so the option '-S localhost:gpsd' reads just '-S gpsd'.

   Alternatively, and this is what I suggest, use ssh to forward connections
from the gpsd port on your laptop to the gpsd port on your Neo:

$ ssh -L localhost:2947:localhost:2947 debian-gta02 -- sleep inf &

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