[SHR-U] Impressions and Problems

Michal Brzozowski rusolis at poczta.fm
Fri Aug 14 17:02:50 CEST 2009

2009/8/14 Dan Staley <daniel.l.staley at gmail.com>

> 2.)  One of the first things I noticed was that when a text message
> arrived, the number associated with it has the international code (1)
> prefixed at the beginning.  On my sim card, I only had the numbers stored
> with the area code + 7 digits for number....no international prefix.  So
> using pisi (which works perfectly btw!  Thanks for that app!)  I exported my
> contacts to a vcf file and ran some regexes with vim over it to prefix a 1
> to all my numbers and went back to my messages....sure enough the numbers
> were associated with names now.  However, soon after I got a phone
> call....and I noticed that all phone calls had numbers reported that did NOT
> have the 1 prefixed...so no names were associated with them now!
> Has anyone found a fix for this?  Is there a patch for the SHR apps that
> make them lookup a number that is not a direct match (missing a 1 or an area
> code?)
> I installed the opimd-utils package and tried these out.  It seems the
> messages application included in this package can recognize a number
> correctly (if it comes in with a 1 prefixed, but the listing in my phone
> book does not).  If I wanted to use this messaging application instead of
> the default one in SHR....how would I do that?  How do I disable the old
> one?  Does anyone know if litephone handles this correctly?

Thanks for bringing this up. No, litephone doesn't handle this correctly.

I'm thinking that a good way to compare phone numbers (for example the
sender of a message and a phone book entry) is to check whether one number
is a suffix of the other number. Are there any (non-obscure) cases where
this would give false positives?

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