[ALL] uboot, SDHC, and ext2

Russell Dwiggins undrwater at verizon.net
Fri Aug 14 17:59:13 CEST 2009

I have been trying to make uboot boot my choice of distro (using ext2) on an
SD card for quite a while without success.  I had done it in the past with
FAT+ext2 partitions, but never with a single ext2 partition.  As a matter of
fact, uboot had never been able to show the contents of my SD card's ext2
partitions.  So I did some googling and found a discussion that seemed to
relate to my problem:


I tried the following:

mke2fs -I 128 /dev/sd*

copied a rootfs from one of the working distros, started uboot, mmcinit, and
lo and behold, ext2ls listed the contents of the partition, and uboot booted


I added the info to the discussion of the Booting_from_SD page, but I
thought I'd bring it up here as well since I haven't seen this discussed in
the wiki or in these lists.  Is this well known?  Do we know if there is a
uboot capable of  booting cards partitioned by modern mkfs?


Russell Dwiggins


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