Fwd: buzzfix in India

Alok G. Singh alephnull at hcoop.net
Sat Aug 15 07:38:43 CEST 2009

Vikas Saurabh wrote:

> While I don't know about postage options, I think the package can
> still be sent to one of us (users) and we would take all the FRs to
> the guy at the same time.

I have been trying to send my GTA02 to IDA Systems in Jaipur as per
Rakshat's email. It is not as simple as dropping it off at a courier
company. Pafex said that mobile phones cannot be shipped inside India by
private individuals. Blue Dart was a little more helpful. They need
three copies of an invoice from IDA Systems stating that the phone is
being sent for the purpose of repair and attracts no Sales Tax or does
the invoice require a CST on TIN. They need these in the original. They
do require you to sign an undertaking absolving them of liability in
case the phone is lost/damaged in transit but they will insure the phone
for whatever amount you want.

In Bangalore, the person to speak to is Preeti at 2532 1038. She is in
the Blue Dart office on Ulsoor Road. If there are more of us in
Bangalore sending the phone, perhaps we could do it together.

Further bulletins once I get the invoices from IDA and go back to Blue

On a related note, the fix for #1024 and the bass boost as well as the
shorting of the erroneous capacitor[1] (if present) would be a welcome
addition to the Buzz fix. It seems a reasonable amount of effort to send
the phone and it would make sense to do as much as possible on this one
trip. Could someone with hardware skills explain the various fixes to
the guy who is doing the fixes ?

[1]  http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.handhelds.openmoko.community/47537


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