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Michael Pilgermann KichKasch at
Mon Aug 17 14:08:53 CEST 2009

(cross post from SHR list)

Dear all,

For an Openmoko PIM Synchronization tool (called PISI) I developed a
module to integrate with SyncML-servers this weekend. It is all running
fine on my Linux box (desktop) already.

I had some libs to install in order to get prepared. Now, for putting
the package together for the Openmoko I need to port them. However, I am
not very familar with this stuff (Python programmer) and have no
toolchain installed (I think, I heart that's the way to go for that kind
of stuff) ...

So my question is, whether somebody (who has maybe already a fully
functional toolchain installed) could assemble Openmoko packages (best
ipk I would say) for the following three modules:

- wbxml
- libsoup (
- libsyncml

Uploading them to would be grant - but if you just send them
over, I would do the rest, too ...

Please, please help - if I need to do it myself, it will probably take
me ages (and will look like the openldap module ;))


PS: There were comments already, that BB-files should be the way to go - however, about that I know even less ...

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