[SHR-U] Suspend after upgrade

Olivier Migeot larrycow at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 11:15:44 CEST 2009

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 6:19 PM, Lukas
Märdian<lukasmaerdian at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hey,
> I've got the same issue.
> Check SHR-User mailinglist. We had a long discussion about this issue
> there in the "Have the problems with &quot; opkg upgrade&quot;    been
> resolved?" thread. For some people this commit fixes it:
> http://git.shr-project.org/git/?p=shr-themes.git;a=commit;h=de367ad3948f22450d4e0715957d7825f5527e23

I had the same problem (GTA02, SHR-u installed on SD). Plus everytime
I "failed" going into suspend, everything phone related stopped
working. Replacing the /etc/frameworkd.conf with the version
referenced from up there did the trick. Now everything works fine.


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