[debian] navit: how good is the debian package?

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Tue Aug 18 22:45:21 CEST 2009

arne anka wrote:
> did anyone test the navit packages available from plain debian?
> how fats are they and how good do they work?
> am not really ahppy with the dependencies on garmin (how many people  
> actually use garmin maps?), speech, python bindings and most of all  
> mdbtools (who uses access files with navit?).
> additionally, i am not really able to figure out the level of optimization  
> (like floating point and CCFLAGS="-march=armv4t -mtune=arm920t").
> the package i built by myself (http://ginguppin.de/node/26) is rather fast  
> and responsive, but still 0.1.0 while debian already has 0.1.1 and a  
> navit.xml with some new stuff, i like (the different vehicles for car,  
> bike, and so on).
> so, if anybody has experiences to share?

I only tried it once but this was months ago and it worked not so good
(quite slow).

Since than i always compile navit myself from source directly on my
freerunner (thanks to all the gcc tools in debian for freerunner).
It compiles about half an hour but i can use every compile switch i like
and it always runs quite fast. At the moment i think this is the best
way for a fast and optimized version of navit.

And with every new navit version (when i'm in the mood to update my
version) i also compile "osm2navit" on my pc from the same source
package. Than i create a new map file in bin format because i read that
with newer navit versions sometimes new features were added to the map
format which i don't want to miss. :)


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