Paroli : migrating SIM contacts

Xavier Cremaschi omega.xavier at
Wed Aug 19 10:15:15 CEST 2009

Hi folks,

I use Om2009/fso/paroli as my daily phone, and today I need to migrate 
from my old SIM card to a new one.
And of course I want to keep my contacts.

What I have :
- old SIM card with contacts (currently in my FR), but some are shorten 
(like a too long filename in MsDOS) probably because the card is a 9 
year old one
- new SIM card with nothing but pre-registered provider numbers
- a vcf file exported from an old Nokia 9210 in 2008/07 (FR release 
date), full information (long names...) but of course contacts added 
between 2008/08 and now are missing
- 2 contacts added in Paroli... must be on FR flash memory because I can 
see them even with the new SIM
- geek abilities and a great FR community (you)

What I want to do (ideally) : set up a "centralized thing" where I could 
import contacts from these different sources, then sort a bit the mess, 
then export everything in the new SIM.
Do you have any idea ? Is there any SIM-to-vcf or paroli-to-vcf piece of 
software ?

If not possible : what could be the best way to transfer my old SIM card 
contact into the new one ? I presume I can fill the holes/rename things 
manually after the big part of the job is done.

Best regards,
Xavier Cremaschi.

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