Replacement battery for GTA01/Neo

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Wed Aug 19 17:27:24 CEST 2009

>> > BL-5C can't be charged with GTA02. 
>> I presume you mean GTA01, right?  My GTA02 has no trouble charging my BL-5C.
> Really?


> I bought BL-5C compatible battery month ago, and it can't be charged
> with GTA02. I also remove BL-5C from Nokia phone, and GTA02 still can't
> charge this battery.

No idea, but "it just works" for me.  Has always worked.  I've been
using Debian kernels for a while now, and they're still stuck at 2.6.29,
so maybe some newer kernels make it fail.

Of course, I don't get any charge indication, but I'm pretty sure it
does charge, since I've been using this battery for almost a year now.


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