One second Openmoko boot?

Jon 'maddog' Hall maddog at
Wed Aug 19 23:40:13 CEST 2009

>Once per year? :) Up until recently was once per day (minimum), but
>since 8-8's SHR-U I haven't returned to that sad average!

/* gentle rant on

Which is *exactly* my point.

I have a friend of mine who's multi-user Linux system was recently up
for thirty days before a power failure caused it to go down.

I had a Digital Unix system on my desk up for an entire year without

We had cases of VAX/Ultrix systems up for over three years without a

IMHO the only time you should have to cold reboot an operating system is
when there is a change to a critical section of the kernel, or perhaps a
hardware failure and with loadable kernel modules and loadable device
drivers (to say nothing of user-mode device drivers), those sections and
failures are relatively few.

Sooo, while booting in one second is a neat "stunt", and nice for
automotive needs, or deep space probes that have a master controlling
module that turns another module on and off; for a phone I would rather
have it function like a "real phone" for four (or even three or even two
or even one) days without rebooting or having to be recharged.

On the other hand, there is the source code....go to it.

gentle rant off */

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