One second Openmoko boot?

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Thu Aug 20 01:11:44 CEST 2009

2009/8/20 Jon 'maddog' Hall <maddog at>:
> I have a friend of mine who's multi-user Linux system was recently up
> for thirty days before a power failure caused it to go down.
> I had a Digital Unix system on my desk up for an entire year without
> rebooting.
> We had cases of VAX/Ultrix systems up for over three years without a
> reboot.
> IMHO the only time you should have to cold reboot an operating system is
> when there is a change to a critical section of the kernel, or perhaps a
> hardware failure and with loadable kernel modules and loadable device
> drivers (to say nothing of user-mode device drivers), those sections and
> failures are relatively few.

i think this whole idea is fatelly flawed

i've never understood the fascination of linux users with keeping
systems up for days and months on end. sure, it's great for a server
hosting web sites, or in a corporate environment, but for a home
system? it comes across as nothing more than who's the most '1337',
which is really lame. add to that the power wasted and it's verging on
the pointless

as for phones, there are many reasons i turn mine off - not least
because there's no way i want to be contactable at night, and when i'm
doing other things where i don't want to be interrupted. it gets
turned on and off at least once a day. my phone exists to serve me,
not the other way around

do you realise the effects of the 'always-connected' lifestyle?
they're not good at all

/return rant over

anyway, the point i'm getting at is: a quick boot time, it doesn't
have to be one second, is definitely an advantage

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