Replacement battery for GTA01/Neo

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Thu Aug 20 01:23:19 CEST 2009

"Daniel.Li" <lida_mail at> writes:
>> > BL-5C can't be charged with GTA02. 
>> That's just plain wrong! GTA02 has _zero_ problems charging BL-4/5/6C.
>> Please read the battery Q&A [1].
> We have a discussion month ago, and found that FR (GTA02) can't charge
> BL-5C, see below link.
I think "work" means all functions can be used (remaining battery
indication, battery info display, anyway compatible with battery
with FR)

BL-5C can't display battery info/remaining battery and charge with FR.

Yes, for that kind of information you need to use gta01_battery

But charging dumb batteries always worked in gta02, if unsure reread
Rask's reply at the link you posted:
"Please define "CAN NOT charge". Note that you can quite easily try it
out as explained above. Simply put in a battery with middle pad
covered and see if it charges. When you want to check the capacity,
just take out the piece of paper or plastic. " etc.

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