[Community Updates] August 19, 2009 released!

Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl
Thu Aug 20 11:57:12 CEST 2009

> Awesome, thanks Patryk for this!!!
Praises also should go to:
* MadHatter
* Kichkasch
* PipBoy2000
* Crei

BTW, i am wondering, is it good idea to list who contributed to current
CU? This might encourage others to add something to CU.
> > This message and any attached files are confidential and intended solely
> > for the addressee(s). Any publication, transmission or other use of the
> > information by a person or entity other than the intended addressee is
> > prohibited. If you receive this in error please contact the sender and
> > delete the material. The sender does not accept liability for any errors
> > or omissions as a result of the transmission.
> ( I find this not fully suitable for this list.. Can I share the link
> now to other people... I'd appreciate if you could remove this from
> mails to this list..)
Yes, that is little complicated. I'll try to excuse myself a little:
Generally you are right and i intend to change my behaviour, but as Rui
wrote in another post in this thread, using another email account is not
convenient for me, simply because this is not my corporate email :). I
have to use it as corporate email temporarily because our mail service
was moved to exchange2007. I use Evolution, which does not support RPC
over HTTP yet. So i need to use one account for now. And i simply do not
remember to change my signature manually each time i send post here.
	I was trying to setup different signatures, depending on destination
addressee, but AFAIK Evolution can change sign. depending on sender
address only. If you can provide some hints on how to do it i would be

P.S. I am really happy that i can use Linux on my box, and several
servers in this corporate environment dominated by evil microsoft.

P.P.S.My normal signature looks like below. As you see it conforms to
signature's rules used on news groups(separator "-- ", 4 lines max,
etc...). Until i solve this out, just assume that all my previous and
future emails sent to ML have this signature ;)

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