what recamping rate is considered normal, if any?

Nathan Kinkade nath at nkinka.de
Fri Aug 21 03:13:25 CEST 2009

I'm running SHR unstable.  A number of days ago I decided to try to
turning ti_calypso_deep_sleep to adaptive to see what would happen.
Everything *seems* okay, and though I haven't done any formal test of
battery life some anecdotal evidence would seem to indicate that battery
life has gone up significantly.

I turned on DEBUG level logging for ogsmd, and I *do* see the messages
about "checking for TI Calypso recamping bug...," but they aren't all
that frequent.  Sometime it detects an unexpected recamp in as few as 5
minutes, but it usually seems to be once every 10 to 20 minutes.  In
total the phone recamped 19 times in 9998 seconds, which is very roughly
once every 9 minutes on average.

So my question is whether some recamping is normal, or if it should
really not happen at all when a phone is stationary?  If some is normal,
what might be considered an acceptable rate, without much risk of
randomly loosing calls or missing SMS?



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