[ALL] New showroom for Openmoko apps

Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl
Fri Aug 21 10:46:26 CEST 2009

Dnia 2009-08-20, czw o godzinie 16:46 +0300, Risto H. Kurppa pisze:
> Hi there!
> I think a new showroom for community created application is needed to
I think instead of creating new showroom it is better to improve
existing ones.
> boost the development and help users to get to know new apps easily.
Wiki does this (applications section)
> Now we have opkg.org to show & distribute the apps created by the
> community for Freerunner.
> opkg.org has allowed us to easily see what apps are new in the
Go ahead and improve wiki to show new
> community, the comment system has alowed us to get in touch with the
> developer/packager and we've seen nice screeshots there to encourage
> us to try apps. Also the release of opkg.org repository was great!
Wiki does this all also.
> But:
> opkg.org is has many outdated and broken packages with missing dependencies
> opkg.org doesn't separate packages for different distributions
> opkg.org doesn't share the source codes as per GPL
> opkg.org code can be changed only by the main developer
> opkg.org developer doesn't seem to be working on it any more (since April)
> opkg.org developer is not an easy fish to catch
> Now have a look at these:
sorry but i didn't even bother...

> For Freerunner, we need something like this to do the trick. Being
> easily able to promote applications will inspire devels to write apps
> which the makes the users and other devels more satisfied with
> Freerunner and inspire more developers to participate. Repositories
> are nice but there needs to be a way for people to know what apps are
> now in. Ubuntu with ~30 000 packages doesn't inspire me to try even a
This is untrue my friend, first of all it would be not 30 000 but 27
000. But that is not true either because ~25100 of these packages are
backported from Debian. Thus the remeining ~1900 packages belong to
	Regardless of the above, we should not compare Ubuntu/Debian
repositories with opkg.org, simply because opkg is not repository.
> music player without comments from others and a screenshot.
Everything in METHODS and below can be obtained with already existing
wiki. As a conclusion: better use your spare time to improve wiki
instead of creating another opkg.org. Or if i didn't convinced you yet -
try to catch opkg author, and convince him to hand over opkg page to

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