[ALL] New showroom for Openmoko apps

Adolph J. Vogel ajvogel at tuks.co.za
Fri Aug 21 10:58:32 CEST 2009

> My opinion is simple. Developer of app provides bb file (or asks
> someone to write it) and then all distros provide that app in repo.
> And that's all.

I agree, however after going through all the development pages in a wiki. The 
steps involved in creating an application and making a *.bb file for it, is 
not immediately evident to me.

If all we need is for application developers to provide bb files. I think we 
need better documentation on the issue. Some wiki page explaining the relation 
between the tools, and some example bb files.

I believe this will lower the barrier of getting applications into the 

Regards, Adolph

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