[ALL] New showroom for Openmoko apps

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak seba.dos1 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 11:28:14 CEST 2009

On 8/21/09, arne anka <openmoko at ginguppin.de> wrote:
>> Maybe you don't know, but SHR is based on OpenEmbedded, so every
>> Openmoko OE based distro can benefit from bb files in SHR (and after
>> commiting our work to org.openembedded.dev not only Openmoko distros
>> will be able to use that).
> ok, i try again: not every distribution used on the fr is based on oe.
> was that easier to grasp?

So what? Then such "showroom" should have Android, OpenWrt, Qtopia,
OE, Gentoo, Debian, Arch... and other versions of packages for one
app? Who'll package it then? Application developer? Showroom
maintainer? Please be serious...

Official Openmoko distributions are Om2009 and SHR (as now it's
freesmartphone.org distribution), and majority of "distros" available
are based on one of them. Sending bb recipe to SHR is simplier than
for Om2009, and sending it for one of them makes it available in
second one sooner or later. And ATM it seems Om2009 isn't developed so

We're talking about "Openmoko" apps here. Other distro maintainers
(like Debian, OpenWrt etc.) have to care about their repositories on
their own. So they can post informations how to get in their repos,
but on their own, on theirs sites or threads on ml. But if we're
talking about Openmoko, then I can't see any better choise than
sending recipe for shr-devel maillist, even, if it's target isn't only

> btw: i don't recall to be this list shr centric, so please post your "shr
> rulz" stuff at the shr lists.

Ok, so we can't talk about any distro here, cause it isn't "Android
centric"? I can't recommend Debian for someone here, cause it's not
"Debian centric"? Be serious!

SHR has the best system to send new recipes. If something else would
have better, then i'd talk now about that, not SHR. Again, don't make
people idiots, cause in majority of cases person who does that shows
that he's idiot himself!

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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