[ALL] New showroom for Openmoko apps

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Fri Aug 21 11:34:14 CEST 2009

> So what? Then such "showroom" should have Android, OpenWrt, Qtopia,
> OE, Gentoo, Debian, Arch... and other versions of packages for one

> Ok, so we can't talk about any distro here, cause it isn't "Android
> centric"? I can't recommend Debian for someone here, cause it's not
> "Debian centric"? Be serious!

you are obviously unwilling to think even a little bit.

> SHR has the best system to send new recipes. If something else would
> have better, then i'd talk now about that, not SHR. Again, don't make
> people idiots, cause in majority of cases person who does that shows
> that he's idiot himself!

well, whatever you are taking -- double the dose or go cold tureky.

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