[ALL] New showroom for Openmoko apps

Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl
Fri Aug 21 13:06:49 CEST 2009

> So what? Then such "showroom" should have Android, OpenWrt, Qtopia,
> OE, Gentoo, Debian, Arch... and other versions of packages for one
> app? Who'll package it then? Application developer? Showroom
> maintainer? Please be serious...
and that is exactly why "Showroom" should be showroom only - not a
repository. Packages should be maintained at distro level with bb
> Official Openmoko distributions are Om2009 and SHR (as now it's
Really? I have just checked here:
and SHR is not listed as official. Should it be updated?

> We're talking about "Openmoko" apps here. Other distro maintainers
> (like Debian, OpenWrt etc.) have to care about their repositories on
This topic is _not_ about repositories, look at the subject.
> their own. So they can post informations how to get in their repos,
> but on their own, on theirs sites or threads on ml. But if we're
> talking about Openmoko, then I can't see any better choise than
> sending recipe for shr-devel maillist, even, if it's target isn't only
> SHR.
> > btw: i don't recall to be this list shr centric, so please post your "shr
> > rulz" stuff at the shr lists.
> Ok, so we can't talk about any distro here, cause it isn't "Android
> centric"? I can't recommend Debian for someone here, cause it's not
> "Debian centric"? Be serious!
...be calm
> SHR has the best system to send new recipes. If something else would
> have better, then i'd talk now about that, not SHR. Again, don't make
> people idiots, cause in majority of cases person who does that shows
> that he's idiot himself!
...easy, if we start fighting, there will be no time left for coding.

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