Kernel Mode-Setting (KMS) on Neo FreeRunner + Debian

Christopher Friedt chrisfriedt at
Fri Aug 21 17:49:09 CEST 2009

Hi Tom,

It's nice to know that you're still working on this [1]. I had a bit
of a 'break' after I moved back to Germany and got back into my msc
program. Things are naturally quite busy because I'm still working
remotely at my engineering job in Canada, so it wasn't really that
much of a break in reality.

I've since become a bit fixated with Android Donut on my FreeRunner,
and am just about finished building an ARMv4T generic version of Donut
(hopefully everything links ok without relocations!). Next I'll have
to try to integrate a massive diff of the KoolU-Cupcake changeset with
Donut (ugghh..).

Maybe I'll take a detour and test out some of the KVM / GEM stuff
you've been working on when I get tired of Android hacking.

Keep up the good work!



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