One second Openmoko boot?

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Fri Aug 21 18:13:14 CEST 2009

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> On Friday 21 August 2009 16:36:07 Helge Hafting wrote:
>> Now, implement suspend-to-disk (SD-card), and you can start
>> reasonably quick after changing the battery.
> It should take around 40 seconds to read the memory back from SD, so if
> you
> can live with that, implementing suspend-to-disk might be interesting.

I like the hybrid suspend method that is used by apple (and possibly others)

They do suspend to RAM for fast resume. But also do suspend to disk. And
if the battery runs out (or is yanked out for replacement) the system
comes up again from disk.

It would be neat to have. If it is easy.

Remember, there is almost absolutely no use case for total shutoff and
suspend to 'Disk' since you want your GSM to stay on line on suspend. And
for that everything but past resume from RAM is useless.

Resume speed is in my eyes just not a issue. Boot speed is something else.
The only reason to boot a phone is if it crashed, ran out of battery or
kernel update.
Avoiding reboots seems to be the answer for me.
Not that it would be cool it it could boot faster. But any modern
smartphone has horrendous boot times this day.

How long could a phone on a almost empty battery survive after it has shut
off all radios and gone into standby?
We could maybe have some 'survival' mode to make it to the next charger
without shutting off.
If that is worth it at all.

> Still I prefer working on the actual boot process, since getting away from
> booting like a PC will also have positive effects on memory consumption
> and
> battery lifetime.

Booting after init still takes ages. I don't know, but it seems to be a IO
throughput problem rather then CPU speed. Maybe more compression can help?
Just a hunch, I'm basically clueless.
And of course delaying stuff.

What I would wish for is quicker GSM login. I think have the latest
firmware, but SHR still takes ages after the phone is fully booted until
it is on line.

 Tilman Baumann

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