Fwd: buzzfix in India

Vikas Saurabh vikas.saurabh at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 21:21:09 CEST 2009

> Do you pplan it on any particular date? IMHO it is worth to put it into
> CU, but need date details also.

We haven't yet decided on the dates. In fact we were trying to figure
out if we can do #1024 and bass fix as well alongwith buzz fix. I have
been neck-deep in work this week and i think same would be true for
the next week. After that I plan to settle for the plan (schematics,
drawing, components, etc) for #1024 and bass fix (unless someone else
does it earlier).

Then we would call for the FR from outside Delhi (I know only 2 up
till now...chetan and alok...both, i guess, in bangalore) and then get
them for fix. I thought sending the FRs is a far bigger problem than
actually getting it down to the shop and get it fixed.

Of course, this counts in for CU only when things solidify a bit more....

@Rakshat: how many FRs do we have in India? do you expect anyone else
who _might_ not be following the list?


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