How does well does this community work?

Roland Whitehead roland at
Sat Aug 22 19:27:20 CEST 2009

I am working with the 40 Fires Foundation [] to  
try to build a framework for the development of open source hardware.  
You might have heard that the first project is the "hyrban" car - a  
car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell - the prototype of which was  
revealed by Riversimple [] earlier in the  
summer and whose designs have been licensed to 40 Fires. We have had  
input from Mozilla and other software foundations but of course the  
design of something like a car is a little harder to manage as an open  
source project. is frequently raised in discussions and  
has lead me to push forward a wiki, mailing list and nabble based  
forums. Before we commit to this, how well do you think that this  
technology serves the Openmoko community? If you had the chance to  
build a community for the development of the Openmoko (hardware as  
well as software) what would you do and why?


QURU, London

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