How does well does this community work?

Chris Samuel chris at
Sun Aug 23 01:56:21 CEST 2009

On Sun, 23 Aug 2009 03:27:20 am Roland Whitehead wrote:

> I am working with the 40 Fires Foundation [] to  
> try to build a framework for the development of open source hardware.  
> You might have heard that the first project is the "hyrban" car - a  
> car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell

First off this is a great idea!  Best of luck.

Secondly it looks like the RiverSimple website is down. :-(

Another suggestion on getting the word out about the project:

- get accounts on Twitter and (FLOSS friendly version of Twitter)
- Set to sync updates with your Twitter account
- post news headlines to with links to the story
  (use to make them short)
- will then sync them through to Twitter

Chris (@chris_bloke)
 Chris Samuel  :  :  Melbourne, VIC

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