[SHR-U] opkg upgrade results in no GSM again :(

DRSp. itman at gmx.net
Sun Aug 23 11:11:14 CEST 2009

Am 23.08.2009 08:34, schrieb Vikas Saurabh:
> Hi,
> Last night I did opkg upgrade and since then I am just getting 'No
> Service' in grey on the signal strength meter.
> Attached is a snip from my frameworkd.log[1] with log_level=DEBUG for ogsmd.
> Although, I have no idea about AT commands, the only thing that looks
> suspicious in the log is 'AT+COPS=3,0;+COPS?;+COPS=3,2;+COPS?'
> resulting in '+CME ERROR: 3'.
> BTW, I have an old (pretty old) yet working image of shr-u on another
> partition which registers perfectly.
> Was I not supposed to upgrade? Was there a red flag that I missed? And
> anyways, do I need to wait for some upgrade or this can be fixed
> rather easily (I would hate to reflash)
> --Vikas
> 1:  http://n2.nabble.com/file/n3497827/snip.frameworkd.log.txt
> snip.frameworkd.log.txt
Same here. With an old frameworkd.conf (date 18.08.09) I've got GSM 
working again.

Drawbacks: no suspend, but apm -s is working.


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