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On 8/23/09, levy santanna <levy.santanna at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 17:26, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak
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>> Closer? In sense "less open"? I wouldn't say that - for me it looks
>> like SHR is the most community based (and open) distro out here...
> Yes, less open.
> How this distro development is done, today?
> regards,
> Levy.

I can tell you on my example: some time ago I was unknown community
member, doing development mostly only for Polish community. Then I
just asked for something I could do for SHR - Ainulindale (IIRC) said
that we need new settings app. And I wrote it, and SHR Settings is now
in all images, and i'm SHR coreteam member :)

AFAIK same was with pyphonelog, mokonnect, ffalarms and few other
apps. SHR has also the best (in my opinion) system for handling
patches, everyone can do "git send-email" to shr-devel list and
patches will arrive in our patchwork.

There is coreteam, but most important and almost all visible changes
in images are voted by community. Coreteam handles more "smart"
issues, as discussing how to handle stable->testing->unstable system,
new phoneui API, coding schemes and other things, but results of
coreteam discussions are also discussed by users after that.

And AFAIK in coreteam ATM are *all* of people who just asked for that
when coreteam was created.

So to sum up: in my experience SHR development seems to be the most
easy to join than in other big Openmoko distros. And SHR is open to
new packages and UIs - the whole concept of libframeworkd-phonegui is
about openness and having choise.

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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