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Mon Aug 24 10:51:09 CEST 2009

Hi adamou,

welcome! Hope, you will have loads of fun with the device and the community ... nice, seeing more people joining the community - especially (from my point of view) - when they do Python programming ...

First of all; I really agree with Risto - there is loads of work to do in core components of the OM distributions - and Paroli is probably a good example ...

However, if you rather want to start programming on application level, there are for sure some projects seeking for support - I can for instance suggest (I know, me being quite selfish here) contributing to a synchronization tool for the Openmoko called PISI (

Depending on your interest, there is tasks
- on GUI (PyGTK extensions or even migration (and re-design) to Elementary)
- on the core (e.g. extend by new domain "tasks")
- on module level (integrate with more data sources)

If you are interested, feel free to contact me - ask about anything - get an account on gforge ( and request access to the project ...

Best regards

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> Hi there!
> Nice to hear and see new people entering the community!
> And it's great that you'll get your unit soon - it just makes more
> sense to devel with the unit, not with qemu as you can use the
> touchscreen, you feel the speed, accelerometers, everything.
> But it all depends on what do you want to do and in what kind of
> projects to participate.
> First of all, there are many different distributions you can install
> on the phone. I myself use OM2009 unstable (see
> ), some other use SHR, some use
> Debian. Also Gentoo, Android, QTextended (or whatever it's called
> nowadays), Hackable1, openwrt are around and some more I forgot.
> Then there are many applications written primarly for Openmoko phones,
> like omgps (see ).
> If you want to start contributing and you know python, I suggest you
> to have a look at Paroli, the phone application of OM2009. Paroli has
> now been written for maybe some 6 months and is quite usable, but
> still needs some love before it'll be launched as stable. If you're
> interested, have a look at
> - the work on Paroli will benefit many users and it's a smooth start
> for you, for example rewriting the wlan workflow (see
> ) or include a bluetooth
> support.
> You're welcome to join #paroli irc-channel for more questions.
> Enjoy your freedom!
> r
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